Yesterday On June 9, we went to an excursion to the maritime museum. First, my group, we went to the pailebot Sta. Eulalia. Our guide, who was called A White of egg, us mostro the ship externally. She said to us that this ship credit state reconstructed such i since it was at the time. Then our companion Paola had to count the meters that credit from stern to prow i also from port to starboard.The ship to annoy bit, but quite this way we could be attentive to what us decianuestra monitora White of egg.

The visit to the maritime museum was very interesting, they showed us all kinds of ships. Also we saw since they were the maps of this epoch. For example, the red sea was a red language. At the end of the visit they showed us a video that was basing in since senian that resea the slaves i the people of the prison to move the ships.Both visits were very interesting, and we could learn very much on a Pailebot and the ships of this epoch.